Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stage 1: Winners and Losers

I'm going to count myself among the losers in the VeloGames Fantasy Tour de France. I'm a big fan of Mark Cavendish and, in spite of the fact that Marcel Kittel has beat Cav  every time they've met in a straight up sprint dating back to last year's tour, I stuck with the Manx man. Cavendish admittedly caused the crash that took him out with a separated shoulder. I hope he enjoys a rapid recovery.

If I had gone with Kittel, I also would have freed up a couple of points to pick up a classics rider for stage 5, but, like everyone else, I'll be playing the hand I drew.  I'm just among those who are a card short from here on in.
Even with the loss of Cavendish, I'm in the top 5, but our first winning team is the Angry Vikings, as "Chainwheel First In Yellow". Mr. Boyd, please drop me an e-mail at to claim your $10.00 Chainwheel gift card.

A note on spoilers:
Many folks watch the tour stages in the evening, so please be respectful and don't be a spoiler! A text message or Facebook post saying, "How about Alberto on that final climb today.", or "Too bad your guy crashed out." can just take the drama out of one's viewing.
My posts here will likely run a day behind, and I won't post results in the header.

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