Monday, July 28, 2014

JBar Cycling MiniLeague-Lanterne Rouge Stranglehold Broken, Truckers Can Tour Takes Grand Prize

It looked like Marshall Meggers's Team Lanterne Rouge was going to simply steamroll the other 28 teams in the JBar Cycling VeloGames Tour de France MiniLeague, but Kelly Thompson's Truckers Can Tour surged with a powerful performance on stage 19 and finished on top with a score of 7858 points! Congratulations, Kelly, you have won the grand prize of a Team CARVE jersey.

Thanks to Team CARVE for providing our podium prizes.

Mat and Regina at Spokes generously provided 2 $20.00 gift cards for our Spokes Leader Board prizes, awarded for top scores at each rest day

Chainwheel  provided 5 $10.00 gift cards for the First-In Yellow, Stage 5 Hard Man, 2 Chainwheel KOM prizes and, finally the Lanterne Rouge for our last place finisher.
Marshall, who won damn near every thing else (multiple gift cards from both Chainwheel and Spokes), will also receive a Team CARVE T-shirt for his 7086 point second place finish. Michael and Krissa  Mattox of Team Wheel2Wheel will also get a CARVE T-shirt as they round out our podium with 6943 points.

The scores here were pretty impressive, as Kelly's team finished in 139th place out of over 30,000 entries worldwide. And she did it using only 94 of her 100 point rider budget.

Jeremy Boyd's Angry Vikings kicked things off by taking the Chainwheel First-In-Yellow prize, and things finish up as our last place finisher, or our real Lanterne Rouge, is also a winner. Tyler Bayles, Team alldopedup, please email me at, and I'll arrange for your $10.00 Chainwheel gift card. In case you're wondering, Tyler finished in 29,771st place

Thanks again to the prize sponsors and to everyone who played or followed along.

This has been an unusual Tour de France in that so many top riders crashed out early, and there was never really much of a challenge to Vincenzo Nibalo after he gained 2 minutes over the remaining contenders on the cobbles in Stage 5.

There is some good racing in Utah and in Colorado coming up, and then it's the Vuelta.
Bike racing season doesn't end with the Tour.

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