Saturday, July 12, 2014

JBarCycling MiniLeague-Prizes Awarded and More Added

The Chainwheel gift cards are flowing, with Jeremy Boyd and his Angry Vikings scoring first on the opening day and the ill-named Lanterne Rouge team of Marshall Meggers racking up an impressive 452 days on the incredibly brutal Stage 5. Hot on the heels of Marshall's team was Leave No Trace, directed by Rob Stephens, with 444 points. That impressive total got Rob.....squat, other than this heartfelt congratulations.
The Wheel2Wheel team of Michael and Krissa Mattox continues to kick our collective asses with 2281 total points.
I've add a mugging for today--an exclusive JBar Cycling coffee mug to the top one-day score.

Folks, you can't get this beautiful mug at Williams -Sonoma, Wal-Mart, or on TV. There's only one way to get one. Be a winner in the JBarCycling MiniLeague.
Though today's Stage 8 is not a huge mountain day (that comes Monday), it is a day that should leave the sprinters behind and expose the form of the climbers.
Attrition continues at the Tour, as key some key support riders have fallen victim to crashes and withdrawn, and US contenders Tejay Vangarderen and Andrew Talansky both crashed late in Friday's Stage 7. Tejay lost more than a minute while Talansky's crash occurred 100 meters from the finish, costing him no time but with the hard tumble along the pavement surely leaving him bruised and battered.

I want to once again recognize our prize sponsors. While I know the JBar mugs are valued highly, their generosity has made this a lot more fun!

 Chainwheel contributed 5-$10.00 gift cards.
Spokes offered up 2- $20.00 gift cards

Team Carve is providing our grand prize of a CARVE jersey plus 2- CARVE T-Shirts.
Most of the prizes are on the calendar, but I will be adding a few as the days go by. I will tell you that the last Chainwheel card will go to the Lanterne Rouge; not to Marhall Meggers's team, but to the last place finisher in the league. Here at JBarCycling, even the loser is a winner!!

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