Friday, July 25, 2014

Have You Had A Toolbox Stolen??

NLRPD is looking for you! And not in a bad way!
If you are this theft victim or know somebody that may be, floow up on this!

From John Alston, NLRPD:
ALERT: Pass along to all cyclists you can...if you know someone who had a cycling toolbox stolen from their vehicle near the Big Dam Bridge or Two Rivers Park, let me know ASAP! We are working a big case & believe we have recovered a distinct toolbox that belongs to a cyclist. Sorry if I may not have included others in this message. I've been up all night working on this case. Put the word out to all cyclists you know!

Blast it wherever. Like I said, we "believe" it is what I described. Don't want to be too specific, but whoever is missing it will know. Have them call me @ 771-7153 or 351-4528. Both are work numbers.

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