Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Camp Robinson- Trail Love Saturday, February 27

"Work day Saturday Feb. 27 at 9am. Brian Shipman is heading a crew to work on the new Bench View Trail connecting Elevator and Dogwood. Other crews working on new part of 5 mile and new trail from Dead Elvis to Buddah that is easy and avoids Ball of Nails."

I've bragged recently on the folks who have done the amazing work of rehabbing, building, and maintaining the trail system at Camp Robinson. Here's your big chance to be a part of this illustrious order of trail fairies (they hate it when I call them that, but I find them to be magical.)

The trail dogs love the view from this new bridge on Can o' Corn
They hauled in the big wood for this impressive structure. Riding the  lower trails  during the wet times has meant mud and some major water crossings. Ambitious trail crews are solving problems.
 There is a new trail link from from the bridge on Can O' Corn to Dogwood
 Though it is a straight shot and looks clean with a reasonable grade, I had a hell of a time getting started here but it was better than riding up Elevator. The fresh trail is off camber, a little narrow and has some loose dirt. It will only improve with some riding.
 I think this is on 5-Mile Loop, and is a good example of some of the rebuilt water crossings.

It seems that every time I ride at Camp, I encounter trail builders and some new trail. Trail construction is becoming more sophisticated and sustainable as these volunteers have learned what works and how to better use the terrain. That's a good thing for all of us.

Get out there on Saturday if you can. We're going to be engaged in the task of skiiing and soaking in hot springs, but we'll be there in spirit.

Polishing The Ol' Blinkie

I have not been very inspired to write lately, but last night I closed my work computer down for the evening and considered my next move. Rain and wind had made even working late more appealing than heading outside for a ride. Like most folks, my backlog of chores is constant, so there is an ongoing process of shuffling, prioritizing, scheduling and sometimes even completing the many tasks that we each face daily. I ultimately decided to clean the mud splatters off of the taillight that sat charging on my desk. I may even buff it up with a little Armor All for good measure.

A clean flasher is a happy flasher.

I'm happy to report that my tiny USB front blinkie was clean as a whistle, so I had time on my hands to write this piece of wholly unsolicited and likely unnecessary advice.

Clean your bits

By that I mean the small things on your bike like your lights, seat bag, computer mount, seat clamp, and, importantly, brake pads. When it's cold and dark bikes are less likely to get washed frequently, and damp, gritty roads mean that abrasive buildup in nooks and crannies. Over time, this stuff can mar your frame and wear your braking surfaces. That hissing you hear as you come to a stop is the sound of your dirty brake pads eating your precious wheels. Get a damp rag and take a few minutes for the small stuff. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Camp Robinson NOT Closed Wednesday, Thursday

I was just informed (Thurs morning)that the MTB trails are not affected by this closure, which is actually for a competitive event for guardsmen.

I noticed a sign posted at the Visitor Center stating that the Camp Robinson training areas will be closed We'd. Feb 10, and Thurs., Feb 11.

The sign is addressed to hunters,but applies to riders as well. I was told that a controlled burn is planned.
Pass it on.

Monday, February 1, 2016

BDB-Open and Shut Case

I got reports that the BDB was open on Sunday, and passed that information on via Facebook. I then got information from Jeff Caplinger of NLR Parks that the gate was supposed to have remained closed as clean up and repairs continued this week. There will be more heavy equipment operating in the area this week.
Jeff advises that we should plan on the gate being closed this morning, Monday, until further notice. The intent is to have the bridge and at least some of the trail approaches open for the upcoming weekend.