Tuesday, July 22, 2014

JBarCycling MiniLeague: Oh, the humanity...


This continues to be a brutal Tour de France, oth for the riders and for most of the 29 teams in the JBarCycling MiniLeague. The weather has finally cleared up a bit, but riders continue to withdraw due to injuries and illnesses acquired in the first two weeks of racing, with current world Champion Rui Costa being the latest notable departure. Costa wimped out with pneumonia.
On the home front, Marshall Meggers's Lantern Rouge team maintained a stranglehold on the leader's jersey and wins yet another $20.00 Spokes gift card.
Kellie Thompson's Truckers Can Tour team is hot on Marshall's wheel and I'm sure that most of us are hoping that she can jump him at the finish. No offense, Marshall, but you've been cleaning up!

I set up the prize schedule with the goal of spreading the awards as much as possible, but I obviously need to be more heavy-handed! There are at least 4 more primes, including the Team CARVE jersey for the overall winner, Team CARVE T-shirts for the other podium finishers, and a $10.00 Chainwheel gift card for the true lanterne rouge, though the alldopedup team of Tyler Bayles seems to have the lock on that last place "honor".
Thank the sponsors!!

Once again, I would ask that you THANK THE SPONSORS!!! JbarCycling has got a revenue stream of exactly -0- dollars so, while I can order up a few coffee mugs from time to time, this would adventure would not be possible without the generosity of Team CARVE, Chainwheel, and Spokes. CARVE helps it because they are investing in the community and would like to grow their membership and gain a sponsor or two themselves. Spokes and Chainwheel are also giving back to the cycling community and they would appreciate your business.  Please mention the Tour Minileague when you're in the stores or around the CARVE guys.  I couldn't have supported this adventure without them.

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