Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Rivers Bridge: The Aerial View

The Two Rivers Bridge project is coming along nicely and it now really looks like a bridge. My favorite photo of the BDB is a dramatic aerial shot taken by Kerrie Diaz of Garver, LLC as the bridge was near completion. Garver designed both of the structures, as has been mentioned here. Kerrie was once again out on aerial recon this week, photographing a Garver project at the airport and, as long as they were up and about, the Two Rivers Bridge.

The "official" project name is the Little Maumelle River Pedestrian Bridge. It has an elegant look from this perspective.

It won't be long, now folks! I think current projections still call for a March completion date.

Thanks to Kerrie Diaz for the fine photographs. The bridge will be another landmark project for Garver and one that the folks there will be able to enjoy, themselves. Many of the Garver team are riders and the office is located near the BDB in the NorthShore Business park.


caroline said...

nice photos! they are very dramatic.

Unknown said...

One of the workers at the site told me that he thought it would be complete at the end of June beginning of July. This was during a ride on 4/14/2011.