Friday, December 10, 2010

Stray photos (With commentary, of course)

On weekday evening rides, if you can get on the bike before dark, beautiful winter sunsets make up for some of the cold, though I'll admit that I'm happier when I'm finishing my ride at sunset rather than starting.

The price of indecision.....

The correct decision would have been for me to ride around this pair of bumps. I went over the bars and my back wheel made a grab for the tree, parking the bike nicely.

I did succeed in knocking the corner off of next bump, sending rocks rolling down the hill. Nothing was broken on me or the bike and the rocks can be replaced, so no harm done.

Call me a pack rat.

 I'm a proponent of carrying a few bucks on the bike and I will tend to spend $2.00 and replace it with a $5.00 bill. This can get out of hand over a long summer if not held in check, as evidenced by this stash from my seat bag. After a rainy MS150, I emptied the bag for the first time in a while to dry things out and just kept pulling out tight rolls of bills.
Total: $78.00.
More than enough for a fountain Coke or a Gatorade.

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