Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Current Local Standing Ride Info

Even though many of the local standing rides came to an end with the coming of Fall, some regular rides soldier on and others arise with consideration to darkness and cold. Here are a few that I am aware of:

CARVE Winter Rides: Unlike the warm weather "Take No Prisoners" rides around Lake Maumelle, the winter CARVE rides are 18-20 MPH cruises in the flatlands out toward Keo. The pace is moderate and the mood is sociable. Count on about 45  miles with one pee stop at the turnaround. The group will typically stop for flats or mechanicals, but this is not a "no drop" ride. There are occasional frisky moments, but, for the most part, this is a pretty easy ride if you can sit on a wheel at 20MPH. Depart from the sub in NLR at 7:30 Saturdays. If you're not on wheels at 7:30, consider yourself riding solo. This train pulls out on time.

There was a large turnout for last Saturday's CARVE ride. The morning was warm and sunny, but the forecast was for a frigid blast by evening. The size of this ride is very much weather-dependent.

ABC Ride Sunday 1:00PM: The ABC ride is a year'round deal and is suitable for almost any rider. They meet under the I-430 bridge on the west end of the LR River Trail and ride the trail, often detouring to Community Bakery for coffee and pastries. This is a no-drop ride, though faster riders can also find some folks with whom to pick up the pace.

Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride: 6:30PM Urban assault from Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, upper parking lot. Some folks choose their road bike for this adventure, because it has a reputaion for being fast!! Dinner at Canon Grill usually follows.

Tuesday Little Rock Night Riding Trail Ride: Meet at the Burns Park BMX track for some fast mtb action. A second, slower group is likely to form, so don't be scared. Hell, it's dark, anyway, and what's the worse thing that can happen. Dark. Cold. Dropped. It's not the end of the world. It's Burns Park. For info, check the Facebook link above or e-mail .

Thursday night hills ride: This doesn't make a damn bit of sense to me, but my good friend Patrick Newton is at the helm, so no surprise. Here's what he has to say:
Patrick Emery and I are organizing a standing ride for Thursday nights starting this week.  Theme is hills, hills and more hills.  Specific format will/could include hill repeats at Fort Roots, Overlook and/or River Mountain and/or climbing in West Little Rock via Chenal Mountain, Cooper-Orbit, Hillsborough, Patriot, Unpleasant Forest, Rahling etc., etc..  Meet at Cook’s Landing at 5:30 for more fun than any one should be entitled to riding a bicycle.   Bring lights.

Patrick Emery seems like a reasonable fellow who has obviously fallen in with questionable company. This ride promises some painfully good work.

I'm sure that there are other rides going on around town, but this should be enough to keep you out of the honkytonks if that is your desire. Dress warm. Be safe.

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