Saturday, December 4, 2010

Along The Trail: NLR's New Little Jewel at Fort Roots

I reported a while back on the new trail that North Little Rock has built at Fort Roots. At the top of the climb from Paul Duke Drive, there is a small parking area and the trailhead for about a half mile of trail outside of the Fort Roots fence. The trail affords some great views to the east, south and west and, since my last report, NLR has added some striping and pylons to better define the trail's edge and also some very nice benches.

One of the large, very nice wooden benches is positioned on a small promontory past the end of the trail, making for a great place to enjoy a moment of solitude and the sterling view.

The small turnaround has now become a mini-park.

The pylons and striping better define the edge of the trail, especially for night riders.

This project, while relatively small, is well-executed and has further enhanced the value of the trail system. North Little Rock continues to execute its bike/ pedestrian plan and, at some point in the future, this section will tie in to the paved trails at Emerald Park to the west.

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Anonymous said...

seems like NLR Parks and Rec is vastly superior to Little Rock's. Been to Boyle Park lately?