Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Camp Robinson

Logging continues at Camp Robinson. I went out Sunday afternoon to hide from the wind in the woods and found that the December schedule that I posted was not 100% accurate. The "inner" trail of Airport Loop was closed by logging at a point between the Airport Loop crossover (where the inner and outer legs of Airport are connected by a creek crossing) and Center Road.
I rode Airport to Buddha, then went hike-a-biked up Helter Skelter and probed Christmas tree for a short distance before hitting the timber harvest boundary.
The meaning of this pine across Christmas Tree was apparent. I expected to hit a dead-end here, but found the same on part of Airport.

This clearing is near the end of Christmas Tree and directly across the Center Road from the Port-o-Potty trailhead. As I recall, there are to be a couple of helicopter landing zones in TA2 for training and I believe this is the smaller of the two.

Camp Robinson is my favorite place to ride mountain bikes, but recently it's been a struggle to maintain the fun factor. The logging has eliminated access to some of my favorite trails and made others just a little less accessible. I'm also finding the riding just a bit harder due to the thick blanket of leaves and the fact that very few riders are out there keeping the trails ridden in. Rocks are well hidden as are the trails themselves, causing me to exercise more caution than usual and I still find myself off in the woods from time to time. A few times, I didn't even know that I'd left the trail until I ran back on to it. Those factors make it a little difficult to get a groove going at my mediocre level of  skill on fat tires.
When the logging is done, I think that there will be an opportunity to create some new trail experiences at Camp, but I may seek my dirt elsewhere for awhile. 


Arkansas Mountain Biker said...

John, I am going to start raking Elevator after this weekend and then working my way to other trails. We need to keep the open trails ridden and we need to be prepared to make repairs to the others that will suffer due to the logging.

JBar said...

Drop me a note if you need some help. I'm not sure about weekend plans, but will pitch in if we're around. The trails definitely need some riding and raking. Riding is more fun, but raking will get the job done. Are leaf blowers allowed by the trail-dudes code of honor?