Thursday, December 23, 2010

....And The Ships at Sea

One of the things that I like about using Blogger is that it now provides pretty interesting data about my readers. In addition to number of views, I can see what links or search engines are being used, type of browser ( I'm surprised by the number of Firefox and Safari users) and the location by country of readers. All very interesting, non user-specific information. I get a surprising number of international readers and I notice that quite few of them are in scenic locales such as Korea and Croatia. I'm assuming that you guys are out there serving our country and it's you that this post is about.
I just want to say , "Thank you."
My Uncle Rex, who earned the rank of captain in the Naval Reserve after his active duty stint, is quite a prayer. At family Christmas gatherings, after giving thanks for food, health, family, new babies, and the peace of those who had passed, Rex asked that blessings be given the President of the United States ( he was a little more emphatic for Republicans. I think he felt Dems needed more in the way of forgiveness), the Congress and the rest of our leadership, finally winding up with "our troops stationed around the world and the sailors on the ships at sea."  I'll admit that a few of us always chuckled at the length and extent of his blessings, but he knew what it was like to be away from home at Christmas serving to insure the safety of those of us who were enjoying the security and comfort of everyday life.
Rex had it right. To those of you who are far from home and to your families, bless you and thank you. Have a merry Christmas and come home safe.

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