Monday, November 15, 2010

Cyclocross is Coming To Town: AC&F Turkey Burn

Even though my serious party days are behind me, I can't help but love a cycling discipline in which the phrase "beer hand-up" is right up there with "feed zone" or "wheel change". In my limited experience with 'cross events, cyclocross blends serious (mostly) racing with daytime beer, fried food that can't be good for you, cowbells and a generally rowdy good time. Oh, yeah, it often involves cold mud, too. Google (OK, "Bing" just isn't in my vernacular , yet) "cyclocross beer mud" and you come up with a long list of promising events and publications promoting the combo:

Check out the video. Apparently even strippers are not out of the question at some events. You can follow the "stripper" link for the associated article.

Local and Family Friendly:

On the family-friendly local scene, Arkansas Cycling and Fitness and Vino's are hosting the Turkey Burn Cyclocross Race to help you feel better about yourself after a gluttonous holiday weekend. AC&F and Vino's pretty much cover bikes and beer. Now, they just need a rowdy crowd and a bunch of riders and that's where you fit in! Here's the information from AC&F's site:



When – Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where – Kanis Park; Little Rock, AR

B Race & Women’s Race 10:00am, 40 Minutes

A Race 11:00am, 50 Minutes

Kids’ Race 12:00pm

Course – Pavement start and finish, mostly grass, wooden barrier dismounts and sand pit
Registration - $10.00; From 7:00am – 9:45am

What to Bring – Cyclocross Bike or Mountain Bike; Helmet and Shoes; The Whole Family; Cowbells or Noise Makers for the Kids!!!

Questions – Contact Trevor Edwards at 501-837-8485 or

Ever have the desire to burn off all that turkey we all love so much from Thanksgiving Day? Then join Arkansas Cycling and Fitness for our very first cyclocross race the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Riders of all levels, come have a chance to enjoy riding your cyclocross bike or mountain bike in your local park. Kanis Park is located at the corner of Mississippi and Rodney Parham. The course is mostly flat with a few inclines; all grass except for starting, finishing and sand pit. There will be multiple barrier dismounts and one wicked sand pit. This is a family event, so bring them all—from Grandma to the kids. Noise makers are encouraged for the kids to keep racers motivated. Hope to see everyone there!

Sponsored by Arkansas Cycling &Fitness and Vino's Brew Pub

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