Friday, November 19, 2010

Along The Trail: Full Moon Walk and Two Rivers Bridge, Bill's Coneys

The BDB Full Moon Walk will take place on Sunday, November 21. I believe that the official start time is 6:00PM, but I saw friend Peggy Munsey on Channel 11 this evening encouraging folks to show up at 5:30. There will be shttles from Cook's Landing and the NorthShore business park on the north side of the river and from Murry Park on the south. No dogs, no bikes, please. This will be a great way to get people to go out on a  and enjoy a beautiful Fall evening at one of the more spectacular urban venues around. Hopefully, it will help create an appreciation for the BDB and River Trail among some of the many local people who would not otherwise visit.

Sunday night BDB Moon Walk participants should enjoy perfect weather conditions and a view much like this.

And, as we move upstream a few yards to the Two Rivers Bridge...

The near-full moon over the Two Rivers Bridge and I-430 on Friday evening. Work continues to progress rapidly on the Two Rivers Bridge.

It looks like a bridge! There is now structure from bank to bank.

This project will open up Two Rivers Park to more users and create a major link in what will be a remarkable bike route to Pinnacle Mountain State Park and beyond. I don't claim to have facts to back this up, but I will go out on a limb and say that very few trail and park networks exist in the US that will surpass what we will have. Cyclists can easily travel in relative safety over routes that reach to hills and mountains to the west, the Grand Prairie to the east, with a number of connected parks and many, many miles of bike trails and road routes in between. Mountain bikers can enjoy a spin on the pavement en route to a number of quality single-track opportunities in the heart of town. By next summer, riding options from the River Trail will have grown immensely, especially for those wise souls who prefer not to ride on the open road.

Bill's Coneys

Bill Harris, the Coney man, has been setting up shop on the North side of the BDB for lunch and into the evening. I can think of worse options for a cool Fall day than a Coney or a bowl of chili and a lunch hour walk on the BDB.


Bryan said...

LR needs to work on connectors to get people from their neighborhoods to the River Trail. And hopefully without them getting killed crossing Cantrell.

Also, what about fixing the stupid bus system here? Some routes don't run on the weekend. Most routes take you downtown only, which doesn't do anything for someone wanting to go from, say, SW LR to WLR.

LR also needs to work on getting the "peloton wannabees" off of the RT... if you want to ride real fast in big groups while ignoring cycling/traffic laws and common decency... then go somewhere else.

JBar said...

I agree that Little Rock has some work to do, but must say that the group rides make up a significant percentage of the trail users. Many of the folks you see as individual riders will hop into a group from time to time, myself included. Though these groups can be intimidating, for the most part, they run smoothly and safely. Like most cases of conflicting interests, that one can be managed through patience and some cooperation. I'm not any more put out by the ride groups than I am by dog walkers with 20 foot extendo-leashes or 4-abreast runners with too-loud Ipods. All can be criticized, but each can be accomodated with some small effort by each of us. Now, those zany roller-bladers, they are trouble!!