Saturday, November 20, 2010

Camp Robinson C.A.R.P. Trail Update

As far as I know, the information is this post is still current as far as closures are concerned. I did go out last Sunday for a little spin, parking at the Winter Parking area and heading up Airport Loop to Buddha. I always find the initial rocky downhill stretch of Buddha to be sketchy and, with a thick blanket of leaves hiding many obstacles, I had only gone about 100 yards before I busted my ass (that's a technical mountain biking term that means, "involuntary and abrupt dismount resulting in significant impact with a solid mass, normally consisting of rocks, trees and/or dirt". I seem to have an affinity for landing on rocks, but most of the damage was limited to my confidence. I did the Buddha Trail loop and was heading back down Airport when I heard a wild pack of dogs, which could only mean the arrival of Basil Hicks, son Basil, Jr., and their trail running pups. We hooked up and rode over to Merlin, then Can o' Corn and part of Dogwood before working our way back to Airport.
You can lead these dogs to water and they'll take it from there!

Previously, you had to ride up the road a few yards from the lot to the trailhead. Basil and Basil had plans to cut a new piece of trail to lead directly from the Winter Parking area to Airport Loop, so we got that done at the end of our ride.   

With the exceptions of the hunting dates (follow"this post" link above), those trails unaffected by logging are open, and I really wish that some people would go ride them! They need some "riding in" since the big leaf drop, but are otherwise in very good shape.

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