Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The OTHER MS Bike Riders

Well, my plea for donations for the MS150 apparently didn't strike much of a nerve and I think that I may know why! I was coming in on the heels of another MS Society group ride whose participants were far more, how shall I say this, "persuasive looking", than a guy in spandex and pink.
Central Arkansas motorcyclists held "Poker Runs" around the area for the MS cause. I caught up with these guys at Riverfront Park in Argenta.

I got the story on the Boozefighters a few years back at a gathering on the Mulberry River. The club was founded by soldiers returning from WW II with a taste for booze and a need for some excitement. I asked them if they were anti-booze or if they just liked to get liquored up and fight! I'll just say, these guys mostly just like to party!

If you're feeling like a rebel, don't forget that you can still "put it to the man" by donating to MSS!
If you're a left-leaning liberal, you can give to this worthy cause.

If you're a Tea Party supporter, what better way to avoid the responsibility of paying taxes? Sock it to Obama by giving to ME!

If you're a Glenn Beck fan and hang on his every word, you can......

 Never mind. I'll write the check if I have to count on Glenn Beck! I can only take this so far!


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