Monday, August 23, 2010

The Active Style Bump!

 If I could only get on the Colbert Report!*  *

You may have noticed that I've got a counter on this site. I dropped the little counter onto my blog a few months ago to see if anybody was actually reading it. There were many options available, but I went with the simplest, electing not to have my demographics broken down by any of the many sophisticated tools that are out there. I don't really care if you are male or female, whether you own your own home or knit mole-belly fur socks for Pakistani flood victims. Your income and level of education is your business. If you choose to log on to JBar Cycling, then I can only assume that you're educated enough to read it and share some interest in bicycles and quasi-related topics. That's plenty of demographic information for me. I won't say that my standards are low, but I'm just not that particular when it comes to drawing an audience.
I say all of this because I've noticed a bump in my numbers, or perhaps I should say "number",  since this blog was mentioned a week ago in Celia Storey's column in the Active Style section of the Democrat-Gazette. I can only assume that I have some new readers, which I greatly appreciate. Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that this adventure is a freebie in that there is no advertising, no editor, probably not nearly enough proof-reading, no calls for donations so far (I had to get that in before I get to work on my MS150 plea) and therefore damned little accountability. I try to post a couple of articles per week, but sometimes the well of ideas runs dry or I get busy with life and the writing just doesn't happen. At other times, I struggle to get all of the many little things that I find interesting typed up and you will experience a veritable stream of posts. Folks, that's just the way it is! At times, you may feel like you stumbled across Rachel Ray with a five o'clock shadow or Wildman Steve Brill because I like to talk about food, share ideas and like to point out some of the tasty stuff that grows along the River Trail . You'll find posts about our kayaking trips because that's an important part of our lives and often the driver for much of our travel and vacation planning. And where there are good rivers for boating, there are usually good trails and roads to ride. You are liable to find just about anything here, but mostly this space is devoted to the bike and the world of cycling. Much of the focus is local, devoted to the Central Arkansas cycling community, culture and infrastructure, along with occasional forays into the discussion of technical subjects and my opinions on gear selection or applications. There are experts out there who can do a better job than I can on almost any front, but I try to share little things that I've found useful or fun to know.
Anyway, if you just started checking in here, I appreciate it. If you are one of those folks who has been with me for awhile, I really appreciate you!
For those of you who are so inclined, I use Twitter as JBar Cycling to announce new posts and also share to Facebook.

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Phil W said...

you have a great blog. I like to read about things that occur where I ride........not some far away place. Thanks for taking the time.