Saturday, November 14, 2009

Local Justice

A few months back, an incident occurred along River Road near the skate park and Fort Roots in which a young man reportedly crossed the center line while passing a group of westbound cyclists. He was supposedly yelling at the cyclists as he passed and this distraction caused him to scatter an unnoticed group of eastbound riders as he drove head-on into the paceline. His actions resulted in several minor injuries and landed him in traffic court. My information isn't first hand, but my understanding is that the judge fined the driver the maximum $1000.00 for reckless driving, wished that he could have done more, and chastened the kid and his mother for their courtroom demeanor and lack of responsibility.
I won't try to add any more detail given my lack of direct knowledge, but it was gratifying to hear that the cyclists' right to be on the road was not questioned and that our system worked. The victims are still working on settlements with the car owner's insurance company to compensate them for their injuries and damage to bikes. The car belonged to the mother of the driver's girlfriend.

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