Saturday, November 21, 2009

..And It's Got Little Nanopockets to Hide Your Dope.

Nalini has introduced a new line of clothing that incorporates “basket-molecules nanotechnology” integrated into the fabric. These nanobaskets are capable of capturing "vitamins" (wink, nudge)and then releasing them where they are absorbed through the rider's skin. Nalini provides the vitamin packs, which are added to your laundry. Though described in the article I read (link below) as vitamins, other information indicates that the design is for electrolyte infusion rather than vitamins.

This technology begs some questions like, should we be looking for Testosterone Tide on the supermarket shelves? Maybe some vitamin E(-PO) rinse from Amgen? How does it know what to absorb? Will it capture my stinky, salty sweat and give it back to me on the next ride? (No, thank-you! You can keep that!)

I'm just not sure about running around in a crowd of nanoparticles. Research is still in its infancy, but indications are that some of these little machines can have a mind of their own and that their use can have unintended consequences. For at least the time being, I think I'll keep absorbing my nutritional supplements the old-fashioned way. Pills.

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