Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Bids Are In!!! Two Rivers Bridge

Bids were taken on Thursday, November 19, for the Two Rivers Bridge project.
I dropped by for the bid opening. There were three bidders on the project and the bids ranged from $5,326,962.62 to $6,961,086.10. The low bidder was Jensen Construction and their price was very close to the Engineer's Estimate. Hopefully, it is also within the county's budget for the project.
This is another big step forward in the development of Central Arkansas's bike infrastructure!

In my haste to put this out, I got almost everything wrong! The date and the contactor's name have been corrected from my original post. Jensen is the same contractor that built the BDB. Their bid was appreciably below that of the other two bidders, so their experience and familiarity with the site makes me feel better about their ability to bring the job in.

I do strive for accuracy so I am appreciative of the reader feedback.


Bryan said...

I think todays date (and the date of the letting) is November 19th :-)

JBar said...

As one of my teachers used to always say when caught in a flagrant mistake, " I was just checking to see if anybody was paying attention." Thanks, my events ran together.

Anonymous said...

Noticed a typo on the construction company.

Correction to construction company name that won the bid: Should be Jensen Construction (not Simpson). Everything else is correct.

It's the same company that did the Big Dam Bridge.

JBar said...

Thanks for the corrections!