Tuesday, November 3, 2009

L.A Doctor Convicted In Cyclist Assault


In a case that has received much attention in the cycling media and in the Los Angeles area, a Los Angeles physician was found guilty on all counts for his actions in which two cyclists were seriously injured. The Doc was trying to "teach them a lesson" when he pulled in front of two cyclists last July 4 and slammed on his brakes as they descended a hill at 30MPH, which is the speed limit for the road.

While I'm glad to hear of the conviction in this case, nobody really wins. The cyclists were seriously injured and the doctor will likely serve prison time and lose his license to practice medicine. The only positive thing is that the cyclists right to use the road was not overlooked as has been the case in many incidents involving cars and bikes and a very dangerous, self-righteous individual will get his due. Doctor Thompson obvously felt that his inconvenience justified the life-threatening assault. If you read the related stories, you will find that this is not the first time he's taken such action and his previous unprosecuted actions were a factor in this trial.

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