Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flood Update- BDB NLR Ramp Closed, TdR training ride cancelled.

From NLR Parks' Jeff Caplinger:

The river level is still on the rise and expected to crest at 23' tomorrow evening.  Due to this:
-       The NLR Arkansas River Trail is closed between the Big Rock Quarry and the Big Dam Bridge.  We expect the section of trail between the Quarry and Burns Park to be open by Wednesday, based on current predictions.
-       Burns Park to the Big Dam Bridge will be remain closed well into next week and then once the river recedes enough will we be able to begin clean up and do not know how long that will take.
-       The Big Dam Bridge will only be accessible from the Little Rock side - the GATES on the North Little Rock have been CLOSED by Pulaski County Road and Bridges until sometime next week.

Please be patient with us and the river as we try to make the Arkansas River Trail safe, passable, and clean.

I want to encourage you to notify other riders to NOT go around or move or remove barricades, signs, and caution tape.  Once these are moved or removed it gives other users the perception that the trail or area is open when it is not.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me.

Jeff Caplinger, CPRP
Project Coordinator
North Little Rock Parks and Recreation
phone: 501-791-8540
fax: 501-791-8528

The situation as of Wednesday Night with the river still on the rise:

This THV11 News Truck accessed the BDB by driving along the levee from Cook's Landing on Wednesday. They may need their massive snorkel at this location by Friday.
Riders could use the levee to reach the BDB on Wednesday, but that door will be closed for a few days.


Our riders safety is our number one priority. With that in mind, the final Tour de Rock Training Ride scheduled for this weekend (Saturday, May 30) has been CANCELLED due to the potential of hazardous road conditions and inclement weather

The Little Rock Gran Fondo goes rain or shine, though may be called due to dangerous conditions. If it is ugly, I may bag it and just call my entry fee the price for the post-ride party and meal!

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