Monday, May 11, 2015

Before The Flood...

I only had time for a brief ride Monday evening, so I was disappointed but not surprised  to see the "Road Closed" barriers as I entered Burns Park. Then, after parking at the golf course, I noticed this e-mail:
In case you haven't heard -portions of the Arkansas River Trail on the North Little Rock side (Big Rock Quarry to the Big Dam Bridge) are closed due to the significant rainfall and the flooding of the Arkansas River. 
A map and more details are available here:
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me.

Jeff Caplinger, CPRP
Project Coordinator
North Little Rock Parks and Recreation
phone: 501-791-8540
fax: 501-791-8528

 I soon encountered Ranger Ian Hope, along with Jeff, and found that the Arkansas River had just started encroaching on the trail, but was expected to rise another 6-feet before cresting Wednesday night. I was able to ride to downtown and to get to the BDB via the NorthShore /Cunningham Lake Trail, but that window of opportunity was quickly closing.

 Water was just crossing the trail near the Burns Park soccer fields at 5:57
It had already risen appreciably when I crossed again at 6:18

The river had just come over the trail near the pavilion at the north end of the BDB and water was rushing into the woods near Pfiefer Loop

I expect much of the NLR River Trail to be impassable for several days, so plan rides accordingly. The key is to be flexible.If the river does indeed rise another 6', it may not be possible to cross the BDB. I'll keep you posted as I have opportunities to ride, and feel free to share information or your experiences in the comments section.

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Unknown said...

This is what I came across riding the Arkansas River Trail on the 13th.