Thursday, December 6, 2012

NLR Trail Update and Pinnacle State Park Controlled Burn

More news from NLR Parks on 12/6 . Jeff is really trying to keep us updated!

ARKANSAS RIVER TRAIL - Work began late this morning at Riverview Park starting with the road/parking lot today.  


Tentative plans (weather permitting) for CLOSING the four main sections:


River Road west of Riverview Park and east of the Rock Quarry - Friday, December 7 West of Rock Quarry - Monday, December 10 East of Shilcut Bayou Bridge (Burns Park) - Tuesday, December 11 Boat Ramp area at the west end of Burns Park - Wednesday, December 12


As I find out more details or changes, I will be updating:


Here is an update from Jeff Capliger on the paving projects affecting the River Trail and Emerald Park in NLR:

ARKANSAS RIVER TRAIL CLOSURE - The Riverview Park section is open today as work did not begin as anticipated.  We will post dates of which trail section will be closed based on the information we receive from other departments and the contractor, but understand we cannot guarantee the posted section will be closed or open on the posted date. We apologize for this inconvenience but we know the repairs and resurfacing will be worthwhile.  Please plan your route accordingly.  Plans now are to begin work on the Riverview Park section either this Thursday or Friday.

EMERALD PARK - HIGHLAND TRAIL - Paving is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, December 12th.


Jeff Caplinger, CPRP

Project Coordinator

North Little Rock Parks and Recreation

phone: 501-791-8540

fax: 501-791-8528

Controlled Burns at Pinnacle Mountain State Park
This does not directly affect riders, but may have an impact on your other park activities.
Pinnacle Mountain State Park will be
conducting a controlled burn the week of
December 17-21, 2012.
The West Summit Trail, East Summit Trail, Base Trail and Kingfisher Trail will all be closed this week to all park visitors,
including all of the West Summit picnic area.
For updates contact the state parks director’s office in Little Rock: 501-682-2873

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