Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fresh Asphalt: NLR Trail Update

There is something about the feeling of fresh asphalt under the wheels that, to a road cyclist, is akin to the smell of freshly tilled soil to a farmer or the smell of freshly baked bread to, well, damn near any human being. It is a visceral pleasure that makes you just take deep breath, smile, and exhale with a long "ahhhh...".

New Trail! Not open officially for  business, but close enough for a short sampling.
I headed out from home on my mountain bike last Sunday to ride some single track at Burns Park. I decided to go by way of Fort Roots/Emerald Park in order to check out the progress on construction there and found the newly paved trail section over the Big Rock Quarry to be a delight! The trail winds through the woods with glimpses of the river valley below. Construction barriers are still up, so I won't be a total scofflaw and suggest that you check it out, but.....
There is still a short section at the east end that has not been paved, but the base is down and it's ready to go.
The evening that Michael Mattox and I checked out the trail repairs between the Burns Park launch ramp and the quarry, the asphalt was still warm and soft, so we just admired from afar. Work continues!
Here's a more recent update (Tuesday afternoon) on the work from NLR Parks:

ARKANSAS RIVER TRAIL - The section between Riverview Park and the Rock Quarry should be completed tonight.  Work should begin tomorrow morning around 8:00am on the section at the Burns Park Boat Ramp by the golf course (weather permitting).


Jeff Caplinger, CPRP 
Project Coordinator
North Little Rock Parks and Recreation
Phone: 501-791-8540
Web: nlrpr.org



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Anonymous said...

I noticed last night (Wed Dec 19th) that the lights along the Levy Spur trail in NLR were now operating! Don't know if this was just a test or if they will now be on every night, but they do a great job of illuminating the trail without throwing off a lot of unwanted bright light into backyards & bedrooms. Still no paving yet, but the trail is being used regularly by a few mountain bikers already.