Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free at last, free at last.......

Well, at least I'm back on the bike with only minor limitations! My not-so-stylish cast was removed yesterday and I stepped down/up to a hard molded brace so, while I'm still not supposed to move my thumb, it fits a couple of positions on my road bars well enough. I rejoice that I never went Campy so that all of my shifting is done with the fingers!
 Come on out, folks, there's plenty for everybody!

Since, I'm back on River Trail patrol, it is safe for the rest of you to come back out. Really. I got out Tuesday night a little before 6:00 only to find that almost nobody was there, so I naturally assumed that for many people it is simply not worth riding the River Trail if I'm not there. OK, perhaps it's NOT all about me. A few folks could have been put off by the persistent heat, but Tuesday is a prime ride night and it was a fairly pleasant 102 degrees with clouds cover.

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Joe Jacobs said...

It was good to see you out there today John. Hasn't been the same without you. Oh, and I rode Monday night when it was 112. Tuesday was a bit chilly for me.