Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Scatter-Shot At What's Going On

Here are a few of the events cycling events taking place over the next few weeks. Feel free to post things that I've missed in the comments section below. I apologize for not getting Sunday's Seersucker Ride posted, but I got diverted by a crisis threat at the quarry!

Speaking of stylish riding, the Julie Blog has moved to Little Rock!
I've mentioned Julie here a few times, and have linked to some of her posts. Well, the girl who entertained us with her Times Square commute video has returned to Arkansas along with her husband and pup. I look forward to reading Julie's perspective on Central Arkansas cycling.

Bike MS: Rock'n Hot Ride | September 8-9 | Little Rock - Hot Springs - Little Rock

The MS150 was one of our favorite rides through the years that it was held at  Petit Jean Mountain State Park and the surrounding roads. The MS Society is a great organization and the rides always have a more casual feel than rides like CARTI Tour de Rock or the BDB100, though 2 consecutive 78-mile days in the saddle serve as a good tune up for the BDB. Last year, the MS150 was held in Little Rock with a couple of out-and-back rides that, frankly, just weren't too interesting. While avoiding yet another ride out east on the flats, the routes out around Wye Mountain and Lake Maumelle can be done by Little Rock area riders on any weekend without fundraising and entry fees. This year, the MS Society has regained our attention with an overnighter to Hot Springs. Sure, you'll spend a few bucks, but it will break the routine and I've always wanted to ride to Hot Springs. 

So, I'm in for this ride. Send Money!   $$$$$

While I would love to see you sign up and participate, I realize that not everyone will be able to make the trip. In order to allow you to feel better about yourself as a human being, I'll offer you the unique opportunity to support my fund-raising efforts. That's right, I'll do the hard work while you sit around and make a simple on-line financial transaction. It's easy, it's fun, and the link is below!

Do you feel guilty? Send your conscience dollars here:

JBarCycling MS Society Feel-Good-About-Yourself donation opportunity here!

If each regular reader of of JBarCycling gave a paltry $5.00, well, we might be able to make change for a twenty. If you are also in my Outlook directory, you may get asked again but please don't think I'm being pushy! I'll only ask once.

BIKE & HIKE For ALS- Saturday, September 15th
On Saturday, September 15, a new event will take place in Central Arkansas, Bike & Hike for ALS. Local rider Tim Vahsholtz, whose father was recently diagnosed with ALS, is promoting the event. It's a good cause and sounds like a nice  casual day on the bike with a pretty good hike thrown in. It will require a shoe change for most cyclists and, if the way I crawl around up the east side of Pinnacle is an indication, a pair of canvas shorts might be in order. Contact information is in the flyer below.

Big Dam Bridge 100

OK, I don't know if this is still Arkansas' Largest Cycling Tour, but it's dam(n) big and certainly regarded as our premier cycling event. Of course, the BDB is NOT a race so it is entertaining to watch the guys who are shooting for a sub 4-hour time as they collapse at the finish form their non-racing efforts on the road. I usually show up about an hour later, "not racing" as fast as I can. The BDB is a good party and is a visible sign of the popularity of cycling in our town.

Keep North Little Rock Beautiful: Work Day October 6

You can help keep things tidy along the River Trail!

The Keep North Little Rock Beautiful Board and we are holding a Cleanup event on the banks of the Arkansas River on Saturday, October 6 from 8 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and wondered if we could get the support of the NLR Bicycle groups.  I realize this is the following Saturday after the BDB100, but we thought that might be a great time to remove any trash from the event.  Check in will be at 8 a.m. at the pavilion at the RV park and we will be picking up trash all along the river banks from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.  How far we go depends on the number of volunteers we get.  This event will be done in conjunction with the International Coastal  Cleanup and be used to compile statistical data presented by the Ocean Conservancy.   We are also getting support from the KLRB and the K Sherwood B affiliates.  The LR side will clean up their side of the river while we are cleaning up the NLR side.

Summer Toyne
Marketing & Development Coordinator
North Little Rock Visitors Bureau


Anonymous said...

With almost 2500 bicyclists, the BDB 100 is the largest cycling event in the state.

Unknown said...

I'm hoping to get my road bike and be ready by the BDB100. I don't think I'll do 100, but I'll at least do 50.

Thanks for the mention!

Bryan said...

Do you know if NLR is still planning on replacing the filling rattling wooden bridge by the golf course?

JBar said...

They were going to replace the bridge last year and I thought they had obtained funding for it; however, as I understand, the the design standards imposed due to its being in a flood zone drove the cost out of budget. I think there were some federal funds involved. I haven't heard any mention of the project, lately, so ride lightly and try to keep those fillings in place!

stephend9 said...

We'll be out this weekend at the MS 150 helping out folks with flat tires. Hope I don't see ya.