Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Along The Trail: Cool ride, Uncool Actions, More Development

All those who labor were rewarded with a spectacular holiday weekend. I pulled out the arm warmers for Saturday and Sunday morning starts and delayed our Sunday ride time at Heber Springs to allow things to warm up from the chilly 48 degrees that marked our planned 7:30 start. Unlike most Friday evenings, the mild temperatures and blue skies saw the River Trail hopping with walkers, runners and riders. It is rare for Arkansas to enjoy days with lows in the 40-50's, highs in the 90's, and humidity low enough to make any shady spot pleasant even in the heat of the day.

This craftsman-cyclist lives in the Levy area and has a fleet of novel creations, including this pedal-mobile and a really loooong six-seater. I often see him running errands or just enjoying the trail on one of his creations with his young son.

 Not everybody respects our resources. These dozen or so carp and gar appeared to have fallen to bow hunters. There's no law against wasting rough fish, but the rude bastards shouldn't dump the carcasses on the launching ramp at River Mountain Park.
Hmmmmm..I guess after you've had a few dozen beers, trashing the ramp might seem like a good idea. Actually, I can't blame the beer. You've got to start off as an inconsiderate a-hole for this to make sense.

The 210 foot arch span will connect the center piers of the Two Rivers Bridge, but I've got word of a delay in the shipment of this key piece of the bridge. I'll provide details when everything is worked out. Lifting the span into place is going to be an impressive feat and I plan to be there to watch and report!

I was initially alarmed when I saw this sign near the deer fields, but I'm told that the golf range will be at the end of North Shore Drive in the southeast corner of the North Shore business park. It is my understanding that the piece of property is in a flood zone and is not subject to permanent development. Closer proximity to the River Trail might have served as additional motivation for those who choose not to wear a helmet. The creator of this sign may have already taken a couple of long drives to the noggin, as the map makes no sense at all.

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