Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year: Who'd Have Thunk It?

Diane came in this evening and announced that she was going to vacuum the house. This after she came home last night and cleaned the kitchen. Neither of us are really good housekeepers, but these frenzies occur every now and then. They usually spin up like a dust devil the day before the semi-weekly housekeeper comes or when the drifts of dog hair become visible, but I found out that this was a special occasion. We're preparing for Chinese New Year. Diane read that prior to Chinese New Year one should sweep out the old and tidy up the entire house in order to prepare for a clean and healthy new year. Then on the first day of the new year, relax and don't do any housework at all to avoid sweeping out your good luck. I think I'll let her finish up and then volunteer to take care of the first day business.

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