Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just In Time For Valentine's Day

If your house is anything like ours, there is fairly regular bike traffic in and out of the house. The JBar Bunker serves not only as my office and command center but is also Service Central for our fleet of bikes. Road bikes and Diane's commuter are stationed in the dining room, a couple wall-hanger back-ups are in the bunker, and the mountain bikes are usually relegated to the garage, but they all roll through the living room and kitchen from time to time. This can be a source of friction when the bikes are dirty, but a solution is close at hand:  The little heart tread tire!

How can your significant other be mad at you when your muddy tracks shout out, "I love you!"?

The relationship potential for this tire is limited only by your imagination and the patience and gullibility of your mate. I can envision scenes like this:

 "Don't forget that we're supposed to eat Sunday lunch at my mother's with my stepbrother's ex-wife and her kids. They're only out of juvenile hall for the weekend and Momma wants to see her grandkids before they're old enough to do hard time."

"Oh, heck! Was that today? I made a promise to myself that I was going to go out into the wilderness and proclaim my love to you over mile after mile of pristine single-track. Honey, I just can't let you down. Tell the kids that I said hello."

The tires may not get much more traction than that line of bullshit, but it's better than some excuses I've heard/used and it's worth a shot.

Love, JBar

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