Friday, February 25, 2011

Camp Robinson Update

Camp Robinson is open some of the key trails, including most of 5 Mile, have been cleared, according to Bryan Shipman, man in the know. From the map below, it appears that you can now use Yucca, Dogwood, and 5 Mile. The trail system  is going to be very different in some places, but most trail miles are intact and the "new normal" will set in before we know it!!

‎"5Mile is now open however, parts of the trail may not be as clear as they once were. The section from ZigZag/Shipwreck to Dogwood should be in pretty good shape. Yucca too has been cleared however, from Dogwood to where it connects with 10 Bridges is a little rough. Expect to have to ride slow and exercise caution should you chose to ride the sections that are coded orange on the map."

The information above is from the C.A.R.P. Facebook page

Things may be a bit muddy in places, but I plan to get out to Camp Robinson on Sunday to check out the progress on trail clearing and get in a few miles.

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