Friday, February 25, 2011

Alexi Grewal's Little Rock Connection

This article in VeloNews caught my eye:

 Alexi Grewal’s big comeback gets underway
By John Wilcockson
Published Feb 23rd 2011 7:34 PM EST — Updated Feb 24th 2011 12:02 PM EST
Grewal has kept in shape pulling his tools to jobs around Loveland, Colorado. Photo: Craig Stoner

In the five months since 1984 Olympic road champion Alexi Grewal announced he was making a comeback to racing at age 50, he has been hard at work. “There’s all the things you’ve got to do if you’re a privateer bike rider,” Grewal told VeloNews ahead of his comeback race this week. “I’ve been busy. Good busy."

Back in September, I posted an article about the 1991 Natural States Stage Race in which many of the top riders of the day made an appearance in Little Rock for a shot at some prize money. From that article, "Some of the notable names included Lance Armstrong, still an up-and -comer, Davis Phinney, Scott Moninger, Bob Mionske (the attorney and  "Road Rights" columnist of today), Bobby Julich, and Olympic gold medalist Alexi Grewal. "
If you've kept up with cycling news in recent years, you're familiar with all of these names with the possible exception of Grewal, who was a 1984 Olympic gold medalist, but who has been away from racing and living in relative obscurity for many years. Well, he's also the only one with a current racing schedule, as the Colorado wood worker is making a come back! He raced for the powerful Coors Light team when he raced in Little Rock. Now, he's racing as an independent, training by hauling around his timber framing tools behind an old Trek. Grewal has acquired a new bike, new kit, and some new teeth. At age 50, he seems pretty confident, but he's apparently had a reputation for that style. It will be interesting to see how he does when he hits the road. He's already been accepted by some big domestic races, so we'll see! He could be an inspiration for geezer cyclists everywhere.

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