Thursday, February 17, 2011

Camp Trail Closure: February 18-20 & 25 plus....burning underway

Be aware that the C.A.R.P. trails in TA2 at Camp Robinson will be closed to riders on the above dates.
I'll post as more extensive update as time allows, but currently trails are in very good shape. Access from the main parking lot requires riding either Pipeline/Shipwreck/ Merlin or Dogwood Trail.

More info...this is immediate.
The forester guys are taking advantage of the conditions to burn off the tree tops in the training area.

This should not affect the trails very much.
I am not sure if they are technically closing the TA, but they are definitely asking our cooperation and just staying out of the training area to avoid any safety or health issues.
I am sure riders will be turned away at the gate, but it is probably best that the club puts out something letting riders know that there is cleanup work going on today and that we should stay out of their way.
What this really means is, don't plan on riding camp until the 21st.




Clint said...

Thanks for the headsup.

Clint said...

JBar, check out Burns Park. Lots of new trails created near red trail (scout parking). They need traffic to improve, but a group has been doing lots of work. NLR personnel?

JBar said...

I've been trying to find my legs on the road bike but will try to check it out soon. I'll also look into who is doing the work. We need to give them credit so they'll feel the pressure to do some more!