Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Will They Think Of Next? LED Gadgetry

There is a price to be paid for being my neighborhood bike shop, as the genial Dave Larson of Angry Dave's Wheels and Bikes has discovered. The shop at 3515 JFK in the North Little Rock's Park Hill is just a few blocks from our home, literally a minute or two away, and I'm the guy that shows up at closing time in need of a cable or cable ends, maybe some assembly paste, or, worse yet, advice on some bike project that I've embarked upon. Dave is always helpful usually has exactly what I need.

I do try to actually buy some stuff and I mentioned a Serfas tail light purchased from Dave in a recent article. I imposed on Dave this week for some technical assistance and as he bailed me out (he was really trying not to roll his eyes), I noticed that he was unpacking yet another cool light from Serfas.

This adaptable light goes both ways- headlight or tail light.
It is a small USB charging light that is selectable for red or white light in both flashing and steady modes. I stepped slowly away from the counter but I've got the feeling I'll need one of these. My bikes are all well light-equipped, but this is a cool gadget. I like the idea of having a white light incorporated in a tail light. I almost always have a tail light on my bike and having a tail light that can serve multiple duties, such as becoming a flashlight to change a flat or back-up headlight, seems handy. As a boy, I felt that you could always use another flashlight or pocket knife. Some things just don't change much.


Anonymous said...

I need to check out Dave's some day. Never been. Here is a good blog post about them. Thanks Jbar

Anonymous said...

Edit: about their philosophy. Thanks Jbar.

JBar said...

We are fortunate to have some great local bike shops and I try to support them all.
I had previously read the linked article in Bicycle Retailer and it is a good read, indeed.