Saturday, October 26, 2013

PopUp 7th Street: Right Now

If you are reading this on Saturday, you can roll on down to PopUp 7th Street. My little ride group went by on our way back into town this morning and found a nice crowd with a very positive vibe....and the beer had not even started to freely flow!
Music was thunpin', the food trucks were serving a variety of fare, and riders were pouring in.

Women With Wrenches: Heels on Wheels cyclists Victoria Crumpton, Judy Lansky, and Willa Williams were manning (womaning?) a PopUp bike repair station.
In addition to helping anybody who came along, the riders from Heels on Wheels are conducting flat change clinics throughout the day. Many women are intimidated by the thought of working on their bikes, but basic bike maintenance is not a gender-specific activity, and at a minimum everyone should be able to change a flat.
There was more activity along several blocks of 7th Street than on a typical Saturday morning. David Williams was among the many riders who dropped by to check out the scene.
The creation of a bike and pedestrian friendly environment can revitalize urban areas. When people actually get out of their cars and walk, ride, and talk to each other, the word "community" takes on real meaning.

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