Monday, July 6, 2015

Stage 2-Illneverwin Won!

Team "Of course I still love you" had the stage winner, the ever-whiny Andre Greipel (OK, I don't like the guy) beat out Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan after Cavendish was left to fend for himself by his lead out man Mark Renshaw as Renshaw faded 400 meters out.

Illneverwin had the winning rider and scored 483 team points on the day.

Illneverwin, drop me an email at with you contact info and I'll hook you up. You join an exclusive club of owners of the JBarCycling coffee mug.

Stage 3 is looking brutal, but no prize will be awarded today as I try to line of prizes and winning criteria for the rest of the Tour. I won't run any spoilers this early in the day and I don't know the results, but I had the TV on and there will likely be some more big changes after today's stage.

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Jo said...

Curse you Cavendish and Renshaw!! And while Tony Martin is whining about Cavendish costing him the yellow jersey, I really have something to whine about: No Jbar Cycling mug for me. Wahhhh wahhh!