Monday, July 6, 2015

JBar Cycling Minileague Prize Sponsors

Our list is still growing as Spokes and Arkansas Cycling and Fitness have joined Angry Dave's Bicycles and Ozark Outdoor Supply as gift sponsors

Since JBarCycling is absolutely free and has no revenue stream (at least no inbound revenue stream), these cool prizes are only made possible by the generosity of these local shops. Spokes has kicked in a couple of $25.00 gift cards, Arkansas Cycling and Fitness gave us a bike tune-up worth a whopping $90.00, along with some very cool "Still Plays With Bikes" ACF T-shirts. Angry Dave was all mellow with 3 $20.00 gift cards, some T-shirts and water bottles, while Ozark added 2 $15.00 cards and a Yeti insulated mug valued at $30.00. And,of course, there will be a sprinkling of the rare and valuable JBar Cycling mugs. 
All of these stores are helping out in the spirit of spreading a little more fun around the cycling community, so keep that in mind when you decide where to go shopping.

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