Sunday, July 19, 2015

Leave No Trace Takes Stage 12; Argh...takes 13, and Team Marshmallow got all puffed up on stage 14. Upcoming Prize Points

Rob Stephens of Team Leave No Trace claimed to have no idea what he was doing in picking his team. Now he claims the exclusive JBarCycling coffee mug as a result of his 518 points on Stage 12, and his selection of Jaoquim Rodriguez. Purito, as Rodriguez is known, was the first rider to top of the massive Plateau de Beille, claiming his second stage win of this Tour. 

The stage 13 winner was Team Argh managed by Dave McWhorter, with Greg Van Avermaet. Dave wins a $15.00 gift card from Ozark Outdoor Supply. Dave, please drop me a note at and I'll get you hooked up with your gift card.

Stage 14- OK, I didn't declare a prize for this stage, but the biggest point winner on the day and  likely our youngest directeur sportif, is Alison Gambill, age 9, of Team Marshmallow. Alison picks up a T-Shirt from sponsor Arkansas Cycling and Fitness. Alison seems to have an endless collection of stylish sparkly shoes, so it is probable that she will be a road cyclist.
I'm not sure, but Alison may have gotten some advice on her team picks.....

Here is the prize list for JBarCycling Minileague for the rest of the Tour:

Stage 17 Digne les Bains to Pra-Loup -Top score among teams with the stage winner:
Angry Dave's -20.00 Gift Card

Stage 20 to Alpe d'Huez Top score among teams with the stage winner:
 Spokes-$25.00 Gift card

Stage 21- Paris! Top score among teams with the stage winner:
 Angry Dave's -20.00 Gift Card

Final Podium:

Top Score- Arkansas Cycling and Fitness Bike Tune-up, valued at $90.00

Second Place:Yeti Insulated Mug from Ozark Outdoor Supply, valued at $30.00

Third Place: $25.00 Spokes Gift Card

Lanterne Rouge- DFL This position is being hotly contested! The winning loser will be rewarded by Angry Dave's with an Angry Dave's T-shirt and water bottle.

Prize Winners: Please drop me a note at so that I know prizes are being claimed and so that I can verify the winners to the sponsors.

I've been asked by some out-of-town winners if someone else can pick up their prize. The answers is yes.  It's yours do do with as you see fit. Just let me know who will be picking up your prize.
 Also, our sponsors have been generous in providing our prizes and my hope is they get some payback by gaining a customer or two. These are all local shops who depend on our community for support. Whether you win or not, please shop with these merchants and thank for their support. Even though my team seems to get closer to the lanterne rouge every day, the league makes the Tour a bit more fun.


Chad said...

Cliff has a death grip on the Lanterne Rouge.

Cliff said...

I don't know about that...Pinot & Bardet let me down on Stage 14. What were they thinking?

JBar said...

You're not safe, yet. My team is going downhill faster than Nibali.

Chad said...

I was just thinking Cliff might be in trouble as Nibali improves...

Cliff said...

Bardet obviously didn't hear me over his team radio today to drop back and wait on his team leader Peraud. Only 2 pts now!!! You can't believe how badly I'm cheering for Quintana now as several of those directly above me have Quintana on their teams. ;) Even the competition for the Lanterne Rouge is exciting!!!

Cliff said...

Okay, now I'm starting to get worried. I think JBar is going to be my biggest competition since he only has one GC guy and no Nibali. The points for overall GC will be my undoing I think, unless his sprinters have a great finale. It's gonna be close!!!!