Monday, December 12, 2011

Crash of the Computer Kind; Trail Fairies

Crash! No Road Rash!
A computer crash has resulted in minor inconvenience until Dell onsite support shows up with new parts. My PC has slipped a disk or thrown a rod or something along those lines, but help is on the way, I have another machine to use, and I can live without access to my files for a few days.

Trail Fairies at Work
 I went out to Camp Robinson Sunday morning and the check-in procedure is so easy that I almost felt like I was sneaking in. I did very little riding, but scouted around a little, including a ride out 10 Bridges from the entry trail in search of a downed tree that I had targeted on a previous ride.
10 Bridges Trail from the parking lot to the clear cut was rideable except for this downed tree.

Much better.
There is about a mile of more-or-less intact 10-Bridges Trail, including 3 of the bridges, that doesn't look like it has been ridden since the timber harvest. It is marked with yellow ribbon and clear of wood, but overgrown in places. If you decide to check it out, turn left at the clear cut and you'll ride back to the Yucca/ Bridges connector. Look for trail flagging at the large mud hole to find the trail link.
Also, word is that another pack of fairies was re-flagging Yucca, also on Sunday.

Trail fairies are rarely observed, with the likelihood of seeing one falling somewhere between that of a black T-shirt at Riverfest and Bigfoot. Though the authenticity of this snapshot cannot  be verified at this time, experts speculate that this is the subspecies Fairius husqvarnius.

Most of the Camp Robinson trails are in great shape and those that are not are getting some love! It was a good morning to ride some more, but I needed to get to Burns Park for the state championship cyclocross races. More on that event coming up.


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Good job on formatting that species name!

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After two stories in a row about it, I think I have to ride Camp Robison now. Thanks for the read.

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