Friday, October 22, 2010

Camp Trail Update

I think this is a pretty complete list of the affected trails at Camp Robinson:

Five Mile Loop

FreeWay (Past Pipeline)

Dogwood (South of Merlin's Trail)

Ten Bridges


Christmas Tree and Extension

Center Road/Helter Skelter (South of Porta Potty)

Outer Loop (South of Porta Potty)

There is still plenty of good riding available, so avoid the affected trails for your own safety and to avoid the possibility of creating a reason to close the area. There are better maps on the C.A.R.P. site now, but the map below is accurate enough to get you around if your familiar routes are off limits. This is a good excuse to change up your ride!


Anonymous said...

Will the trails be reinstalled (if that is the proper word)? Are there long term implications for trail removal, off limits areas, etc? I am assuming the ones affected are all torn to hell. It would be nice if we could get any information out of this. I have been asking about this since the trails became marked and everyone either played dumb or honestly didn't know.

JBar said...

The playing dumb part is not an act! Actually, nobody really knows as best I can tell. I've spoken to some folks who are as close as anyone to what's happening at Camp and there seems to be no official position, which may be in our best interest. It's important to remember that mountain bike access to Camp is not a right, but a privilege allowed by policy, so the mtb. community is not really in a position to push. That said, I think that we are in good graces.
Purely speculation on my part, but I would expect that when the timber operation is complete, the same tireless folks who have built and maintained the trails will go to work to re-establish trails in the affected area. It will be torn all to hell,so I think it will be a clean slate and what will evolve will be very different from what we had. We may have some open meadow trails and there may be an opportunity to get creative and build some really cool features.
Again, this is all speculation on my part, but I have no reason to think we'll lose the resource.

chuck R. said...


Bob and i went out to Camp last Sunday 10-31, and they had closed trails for logging and youth hunt. guard did not know when trails would open back up.
just biked back to burns.