Friday, October 1, 2010

Camp Robinson Update: Upcoming Timber Cut

Several months ago, painted blazes started to appear on trees in the area of the CARP trails in Camp Robinson, marking timber that is to be cut. Specific information has been hard to come by, but from what I understand, timber cutting will begin in those areas sometime in October. The primary purpose is to provide a clear line-of-sight for emergency communications from some microwave equipment in the area of the aviation facility to a site west of Camp. By necessity, this area will be clear cut, and I understand that additional selective commercial logging will be done to help offset the cost.

It appears that the cut will affect most of the upper trails, from Airport to Five Mile and Christmas Tree, perhaps as far as Merlin.

The blazes are widespread throughout the upper trail system.

I have no information on what will happen as far as trail access once the timber harvest gets underway. I suspect that access will have to be limited in some manner or curtailed. Hopefully, we'll retain some access during the process and the trails will be OK after the cutting. I'm sure they'll need work after being worked over by logging equipment.

For now, just beware that at some point, there will be some timber cutting at Camp that will likely affect mountain bike access. If anybody knows more about this than I do, please feel free to post a comment!

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