Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting Over The Hump- Winter Solstice

Today marks the shortest day of the year. Though it is technically the first day of winter, I have a hard time seeing it that way. For the next six months, the days will get progressively longer and, though much of our coldest weather lies ahead of us, the ride opportunities will get better day by day.

Hang in there!

Even a hint of warmth can bring out the crowds this time of year.
...and sunshine brings out everybody!

We have plenty of winter ahead of us, but my attitude simply gets better after the solstice.

Druids and Pagans. Do you think they all ride single-speeds?

The druids and pagans may chant and dance at Stonehenge to mark the solstice, but here in Arkansas, I took a celebratory ride to the Pinnacle State Park Visitor Center. The sun was shining and there were Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches in the Center's freezer. Even on a chilly day, that can make a bike rider dream of the coming spring.

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