Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Out On The Road-Tack Attack on Barrett Road


CARVE riders returning from a Lake Maumelle loop on Saturday report another incident of tacks being dumped along a popular cycling route. This time, the a-hole chose Barrett Road just west of Highway 300 near Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Riders reported multiple flats as the road was carpeted with thousands of tacks with one rider reporting 3 flats before giving it up and calling for a ride. I had passed through the area without incident about 9:30 and the CARVE guys came through around 10:00. It was a year and one week after tacks were strewn along County Farm Road just in time for the ALS Bike-Hike. The sheriff's department had little to go on last year, and I'm not sure that the victims even bothered to report Saturday's attack. Many drivers in this part of the county are hostile to riders, but this kind of behavior is an affront to everyone.
Even after the county sent a street sweeper to clean up the road last year, tack-caused flats occurred for weeks, so be aware that Barrett Road is likely a minefield.

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