Friday, June 20, 2014

CARVE'S Star-Spangled Classic- Sunday, June 22

The 2014 Ronde de Burns Criterium Series wrapped up last Tuesday night. CARVE closed out the series in fine form with a kids race and a big ol' barbecue for participants, family, and fans making for a festive close of another good series of crit races. Joe Jacobs over at did a very good job of covering the event, so I'll refer you via the link to check it out.

Criterium Racing is fast, up close, and fan friendly!
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Racing This Sunday!
(and it's my birthday, so you know it's special!)
The 4th annual Star-Spangled Classic, presented by CARVE and sponsored by The Pantry , takes place on Sunday. The races start at 8:00AM and the full schedule is in the flyer below. 
Central Arkansas Velo has been a leading entity in fielding bike race teams and promoting the sport in Central Arkansas for many years. A few years back as the core of the leadership group got a little older or moved on to other interests, CARVE faded a bit. Competitive Cyclist kept up the crit series, but otherwise, there was not much happening in the Central Arkansas bike racing scene. Then came a resurgence and in a big way. Folks like Sid DeGarmo, Scott Penrod and others took the helm and now CARVE is a vital organization building on the success of events like the recent Rock City Racing weekend, hosted along with the SimplexQ racing team.
The leadership of Central Arkansas Velo has more big plans and bigger ambitions for the future. I know they would like to recruit some strong local sponsorships. The represents an opportunity for some forward thinking businesses to participate in the fast-growing local cycling scene. They say "cycling is the new golf" but golf is losing participants at a rate over over 1,000,000 players per year as cycling grows across a wide demographic range. By the nature of the sport, cyclists have discretionary income and are willing to spend it. Where else will you find customer willing to pay $10 per gram to shave weight?