Thursday, December 5, 2013

Orbea USA-Spokes Update

I've been asked by a couple of folks for an update on the status of the new Orbea, USA location at 119 S. Main in downtown Little Rock; and specifically about how Spokes fits in and about the retail policies at the location. I had a fair idea from earlier conversations and a press event, and have posted a couple of articles on the topic, but I called Mat Seelinger at Spokes to freshen up my information.
Work is progressing on the construction of the Spokes coffee bar, though as is often the case, things are a bit behind schedule and the hoped-for mid-December opening would take a "Christmas miracle" according to the general contractor. Mat wouldn't speculate on an opening date, but it was inferred that given the current situation, it would likely be after the holidays.
Expectations are that the coffee bar will be very popular, not only with the cycling crowd, but with many downtown office workers seeking a jolt of quality java in the cool ambiance of a bike business.

The Orbea showroom on Main will soon include a Spokes retail presence along with a coffee bar.
The bike shop side of the Spokes entity will offer the full Orbea bicycle line, along with Orbea clothing and tri gear, Shimano shoes, and a limited bike service area. Most service work will be referred to the Spokes' Stifft Station location, but if someone needs flat fix or has a mechanical in the downtown area, they can likely get you back on the road.
Initially, Spokes will have two staff members on hand, both of whom will be capable baristas, wrenches, and retail sales people. Orbea folks can step in to help in a pinch and staffing will be adjusted to meet the demands of the location.
The chemistry of this joint venture promises to be very cool, and brings a very positive vibe to the Main Street location. I'm looking forward to watching it develop.

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