Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tack Attack Update, More Manners Feedback

Even though Pulaski County has had a street sweeper working out on County Farm and Pinnacle Valley Roads, reports continue to come in of flats from the tacks that were strewn out there last weekend. Riders are understandably outraged and calling for action; however, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department says they cannot do anything unless they witness the act or if a witness comes forward. Victims need to file a report!
This from the BACA Facebook page:

Judge Villines was apprised of this and sent out sweepers to sweep up the tacks. He has also alerted the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department which will patrol the area. In a response to our e-mail, Sheriff Holladay stated:

"I have received your e-mail correspondence with Judge Villines. The e-mails have been forwarded to Patrol Commanders with instructions to have deputies patrol the area as frequently as possible. Criminal charges (Criminal Mischief) can be filed if individuals are caught in the act or if a witness comes forward to identify the person/s responsible. Victims who need to file a report can call our dispatch at 340-6963 and a deputy will contact them and prepare a report. We will assist you in any way possible. If you need to speak to me directly you can contact me at 340-7060. Sheriff Holladay."

Thanks Sheriff. Cyclists, remember to file a report if you were the victim of this cruel act or have information and remember to report violations of the 3 foot passing law.

I'm catching heat about rider behavior and some of it is downright embarrassing!

I participate in a few committees dealing with bike advocacy and trail development. These committees include representatives of city and county government, state and local parks, planning and tourism entities, to name a few. I'm considered to be somewhat of a representative of road cyclists, and I'm often confronted with complaints about rude cyclists, some of which are justified and others that are just the run-of-the-mill "spandex clad racers", "too fast", "run stop signs" boilerplate stuff that we hear on a regular basis. I take anything that taints our relationships as a community seriously, but the usual minor conflicts will never be resolved and I accept them as part of the deal.

Today, I heard from a Little Rock City Parks official who reported that some of their workers were yelled at and chastised as they worked to improve or repair problems on the trail. As some of us discussed the tack problem, he spoke up and said jokingly, "It may have been my guys. They're starting to hate cyclists.", then related a couple of recent incidents.

 One crew was straightening a sign using a come-along and was waving folks down, as they had to block the trail for a few moments. Another crew was cleaning gravel off of the trail along Rebsamen Park Road. Both crews were yelled at as they went about their jobs, and they were rightfully pissed off about it. All I could say to that is that, yes, there are some assholes who ride bikes. Unfortunately, we are often all considered to be of the same ilk, good or bad.

Folks, anytime we see anybody working along the trail, please keep in mind that it is their workplace and that we benefit from what they do. The workers may not know how traffic flows along the trail and they may be in your way, but they are doing their job. I know that I don't want some jackass yelling at me while I work, especially if I'm working on something for their benefit. The next time you see a parks or road guy out working along the River Trail, take the time to slow down and say "Thank you".


Anonymous said...

Alas the world is full of assholes... I am a recovering asshole myself. I am in full agreement with your position and trying to train myself to do my part to uphold good standards of safety and courtesy when I ride. -DM

JBar said...

My kneejerk reaction is to defend cyclists, but sometimes all I can say is, "yep, they were assholes, but understand there are assholes in every crowd." I am sometimes an asshole myself, but I try to pick my moments.

Rob Stephens said...

Thanks for the advice...parks employees have every right to work on the trails' improvements and for just a minor inconvenience or delay, we need to cut them some slack. Just doing their jobs. Life is too short to be an ahole.

Unknown said...

Words of wisdom. It is really frustrating when people generalize at all. Roads are already dangerous enough as it is. Being considerate on the road isn't just more polite, it's safer as well. I think a lot ofbicycle accident are caused by people being inconsiderate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news bit...
Manhattan gang setting BOOBY TRAPS to attack and rob cyclists along Hudson river path
they think the attackers could be targeting people with high-end bikes.