Monday, September 26, 2011

Clinton Park Bridge Dedication, Freedom Fund Challenge Ride

There are several things going on around town in the coming weeks. I've received this information from a half dozen or more sources, but here it goes again, just in case you are on no e-mail lists.

from BACA:
Dedication and Opening of

Clinton Presidential Park Bridge

Friday, September 30, 2011

Come make history!  Ride the Bridge!   

Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas riders will start assembling at 10:30am at the River Market Pavilion, and arriving together at the Clinton Presidential Park at 11:00am.  Anyone on a bike will be able to stand in a special area just for us on the eastern side of the stage near the Clinton Center Fountains.   Now's the time to get out that BACA shirt and wear it!  There will be some available at the River Market.   

The program is scheduled to begin at 11:30am. After the conclusion (approximately 12:30pm) the stage will be cleared and our group will make history as we cross the bridge for the first time.   

The Bridge will be opened up especially for us...and will close at 2pm later in the day, but will reopen on Sunday at 8am for good. 

Arkansas Freedom Fund Challenge Ride

My friend Bryan Shipman asked me to share this timely ride information with you. Riders can dedicate the bridge this week and then jump on the first cycling event to use it!

Looks like a nice way to spend a fall day and help some soldiers and veterans.


Cliff said...

Can you doublecheck the times again? BACA is showing the program to start at 11:00am with the bridge opening for traffic at 11:30am.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that BACA sounds like "buyacar" with a country accent. :) Great blog thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

I just rode over this bridge and thought they did a great job on the bridge....then I got dumped on a freshly made sidewalk? WTF if you're going to have to lay cemant anyhow make a bike path or at least a bike all the runners and cyclist will probally opt to be in the road against traffic.

Anonymous said...

Arkansas needs a Prop. that makes it illigal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalks like every other that (a) we put in some bike lanes (b) "bike paths" can't have sidwalks as part of their infastructure (c) Motorist know bicycles have a right to be on the road and no other safe option(sidewalks are not safe at 20mph/especially if there's people walking on them).