Friday, March 19, 2010

Lance Light

In a recent rant, ESPN's Tony Kornheiser went off on a tangent about Washington , DC, bike lanes and the rant evolved into an exchange with his co-hosts about tapping cyclists, running them over, ridiculing bike clothes, etc., etc. I listened to a few minutes of the show and actually had a hard time taking it too seriously, but it hit a nerve with many cyclists who pressed Lance into the fray.
Lance Armstrong busted him out on Twitter, then ended up on Korheiser's show today, calling in from Europe. While I don't claim that Kornheiser has been stealing my material, after discussing the bike comments, sharing the road with bikes, Lance's return to competition, etc, Kornheiser said, " You're a Texas boy. You don't really drink the Ultra, do you".

Tony, write your own material, please! To listen to the conversation with Lance Armstrong, follow the link below:

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