Sunday, September 20, 2009

For Those of You About To Ride the BDB....

This story is about a rider who went off of a span about 50 feet above a marsh after clipping a wheel and flipping over the wall of the bridge. Follow the link below and be sure to follow the link to the rescue video. I found this while cruising blogs linked to Carey Lowery's blog.

We met Carey in Colorado this summer as she prepared for a week of racing in Breckinridge followed by the TransRockies endurance race. In short....she's a badass!

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Base jumping
The so-called Virginia Beach curse struck again. I spoke to Elliot Craddock, 18, who launched from the Pungo Ferry Bridge this morning after touching wheels with another cyclist. According to Virginia Beach Firefighters, Elliot fell approximately 50-60 feet. The doctors at VB General told Elliot that a fall 20 feet is considered critical, so his even surviving a 20x3 fall is incredible. Two sets of cat scans confirmed that his helmet did its job today. complete story rescue video

Yet another good reason to wear your helmet!!
Oh, and don't worry about riding the BDB......

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