Monday, September 14, 2009

Pro Bike Racing

It's still going on in a big way, though the Fall races seem somewhat anticlmactic after this year's Tour de France drama. Dave Zabriskie won the Tour of Missouri after kicking ass in the time trial and showing why he's the 3 time US TT champion. He is also a very funny and quirky guy. After all, while Lance is promoting Trek and the Livestrong cancer message, George Hincapie has a high end line of bike clothes and a really high end real estate development and Levi Leipheimer is seen all over the bike press with Road I.D., Dave is pushing DZ Nuts chamois goo. You gotta love him!

Alejandro Valverde is in position to win the Vuelta a Espana. He still may face sanctions over doping allegations, so he needs to win a grand tour while he is able. He's never quite lived up to expectations but has shown moments of brilliance.

Speaking of guys that just can't quite get it done, Cadel Evans continues to have bad fortune and then bitch about it. He was 8 seconds back in the GC, then on a key climbing stage he flatted, got a slow wheel change from a neutral support car and lost over a minute. Got a bike change from his own crew as they weren't confidant that he had the right cassette and THEN got penalized 10 seconds when he took a bottle to put on the new bike. The dude has some serious luck issues. He needs to get some.

Those are the breaks...

Lance Armstrong
Levi Leipheimer
Christian Vende Velde
George Hincapie
Chris Horner

Top American cyclists??

Yes, and also top American cyclists who have broken bones in crashes this season. Those are just the guys who come to mind, but that's pretty much the cream of the crop.

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